Kenny Abedini, DDS

All Smiles Dental
3816 Woodruff Ave # 104, Long Beach, CA 90808
DentalVibe® Certified Anxiety-Free Dentist

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  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dental Implants

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  • Please Contact #562-425-0545 for more information

Kenny Abedini, DDS Bio

"The joy of changing someone's life by creating a beautiful, healthy

smile is one of the intangible rewards for me that can't be measured

Another contributing factor to how much I love my job is that dentistry is

a field of health care that focuses more on preventive care than the

treatment of symptoms. This enables me to educate my patients through

one-on-one relationships and provide them with the best preventive care or

restorative option - and ultimately promote the best health care for them.

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Kenny Abedini, DDS

All Smiles Dental

3816 Woodruff Ave # 104, Long Beach, CA 90808

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Kenny Abedini, DDS

3816 Woodruff Ave # 104, Long Beach, CA 90808

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