Courtney has trypanophobia, a fear of needles, but she had a cavity she needed to get filled. She said she would rather get “punched in the face than get a shot.” Watch her reaction to the DentalVibe!

What makes our dentists truly special?

Our dentists are special because they all use DentalVibe® and are committed to using the latest technologies to provide pain-free dentistry to their patients. 

Millions fear the dentist because of painful oral injections. DentalVibe alleviates the anxiety of oral injections by gently massaging the nerves and tissue around the injection site for better dental experiences, helping once petrified patients smile every day! Check out our real patient DentalVibe reviews here!

Is your dentist still using the old-school and ineffective cheek shake as a way to reduce injection pain? Invite your dentist to lose the cheek shake, get with today’s technology and start giving real pain-free injections with DentalVibe! She will thank you for it!

*95% of patients reported no pain during their injection when using the DentalVibe!

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