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DentalVibe is used by thousands of dentists worldwide like David Ching, who strive to provide their patients the best experience possible. The old school cheek shake before an injection is no longer enough! With DentalVibe you can be assured that you are giving your patients a anxiety-free injection. With upto 30 seconds of vibration every injection can be anxiety-free. We know doing what is best for your patients is important to you, but did you know it is also a highly effective way to grow your practice? There are millions of web searches each year around dental anxiety and finding a anxiety-free dentists near me!

I grew my pediatric dentistry practice from 1 to 3 locations due in large part to offering anxiety-free injections with DentalVibe!” – Dr. David Ching, DMD

These searches are performed by the 40+ million potential patients who currently do not go to the dentist because of their fear of needles. It’s time for you to tap into that market and grow your practice, and we can help!

We have created a profile for you on our all new DentalVibe Directory . DentalVibe Dentist Directory is the fastest growing dental directory on the web, and it is just for dentists who actively use DentalVibe as part of their anxiety-free dental strategy.

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