Dentist Testimonials
Hundreds of dentists around the world have seen how DentalVibe® helps reduce patient anxiety, improve patient compliance, and increase referrals. See why other dentists call DentalVibe® one of the most useful products they have purchased for their practice.
"Yes. Love it and so do the patients. Thank you!! The tips helped a lot making people not feel it." –– Dr. Nicholas Letteri, DMD
"I want to express my deep appreciation for Mark Lorberbaum's invention, which has significantly enhanced my private practice and become a hallmark of patient-centered dental care." –– Elitsa Veneva, DMD, PhD, MSc
“I've happily used DentalVibe® for many years at my office. My patients absolutely LOVE it and I can't practice without it! I'll gladly recommend the DentalVibe® to any dentist wanting to give pain-free injections." –– Dr. Preston Poole, DMD
"Thank you so much for the wonderful Vibe pop-up’s we received from you guys. The DentalVibe® has been a huge success & patient’s are most happy. Hope all is well with you guys and don’t hesitate to stop by our offices if ever in our area. Regards & thanks again!" –– Dr. Armen Mardirossian, DDS, MS
“We are doing quite well with the DentalVibe®. I am using it on a regular basis. Most patients think it is very interesting and it seems that the injection is less noticeable to them. There are several patients that totally love it and now will not get an injection without it. –– Dr. Robert Sanker, DDS
“Anything that you can do to make your patients more comfortable is going to help them make the decision to come to your practice for the necessary treatment that they require. I have been using DentalVibe® for about two years, and I find that it makes a major difference to my patients. My patients love it! They always ask for it in subsequent appointments. Not only does it make them more comfortable, but it makes ME more comfortable. They’re more relaxed. I’m more relaxed.” –– Dr. George Freedman
“I’ve had the DentalVibe® for about a month and a half, and I can honestly say that the patients really, really appreciate it. I ask the patients to rate the pain from the injection on a scale of 1 to 10. With the DentalVibe®, the highest rating I’ve gotten so far is a 1. So I’m happy, the patients are happy — everybody’s happy!” –– Dr. David Fein, Fein Dentistry
“Many patients have told me that if the Vibe had been used on them when they were kids, their dental fears would have never begun. With our pedo patients, we have become heroes in the eyes of their parents because return appointments are not scary. That is my greatest accomplishment. Thanks, DentalVibe®, you have made me a super dentist.” –– Charles N. Sannar, DDS, Sannar Dental Care
“All my patients are loving it. There’s no pain, no discomfort. They’re referring other patients. They talk about it to their friends and relatives. This is a great product.” –– Dr. Keith Schwartz
“I’ve been a DentalVibe® user now for nearly two years and I would consider it one of the most useful devices that I’ve brought into the practice in recent times. It’s particularly useful for people who are anxious about having injections. We’ve had a really high acceptance rate with this new device. Many people on whom we have used it would say, when am I going to have the injection? It blocks out all sensation of the needle and of the solution going into the gums.” –– Dr. William Davis, Davis Dental Dublin
“This is an incredible new advance in dentistry. It has changed the way I practice. It has made giving an injection a pain-free experience for my patients. They love it! They get the same anesthesia given the same way, but they don’t know it. It has totally influenced the way we practice dentistry and removed a lot of fear from the mind of the patient. I highly recommend it and use it all the time!” –– Dr. Milton Salzer, Northbrook Dentistry
This would be an additional review. –– Dr. John Smith, DDS
This would be an additional review. –– Dr. John Smith, DDS
This would be an additional review. –– Dr. John Smith, DDS

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Patient Testimonials
DentalVibe® alleviates the anxiety of oral injections by massaging the nerves and tissue around the injection site for better dental experiences. That helps patients smile more every day. Read below from a sampling of thousands of postive DentalVibe® patient reviews.
“I postponed my visits as I was sure my dentist would say I would need a crown, or even worse, a root canal. My fears proved to be the case, and a crown was needed. My dentist injected me in three locations using DentalVibe®, and I must say that I barely felt a thing.” –– R. Chancey
“Part of an old crown on an upper molar chipped off, and a new crown was needed. My dentist used DentalVibe® to make the insertion of the lidocaine needle less painful, and it certainly worked. While I was aware of the needle and a little discomfort, it was not painful the way I remember prior shots in the upper gum.” –– P. Bloomberg
“The vibration diminishes the injection sensation. I greatly prefer that distraction where the injection seems to be the back thing.” –– R. Huckabee
“For anesthesia to prep for a crown, DentalVibe® was used and helped a lot. I did not feel the injection. And I have always felt them in the past, which has caused me anxiety over the years.” –– J. Johnson Massey
“I went to the dentist to get a cavity filled. When the dentist was about to give me a shot, he brought out the DentalVibe®. I did not know what was going on at first, but I did notice as he gave me the shot that it did not hurt nearly as much.” –– S. Chambliss

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