In recent years, Revolax has become an increasingly preferred brand for dermal fillers. Revolax was developed in South Korea in 2013 and was approved by KDFA in the same year. Revolax is a premium product known for its quality, durability, affordability, and higher satisfaction levels. Revolax is a highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid dermal filler that uses a unique monophasic polydensified structure to create long-lasting results. It can make your skin look younger and voluminous for up to 18 months. The consistency of the product allows a naturally harmonized look with a smooth injecting experience. This product promotes a healthier support system within the structure of the skin.

An added advantage of using Revolax is that the product does not migrate under the skin and stays close to the injecting site and improves the results. This helps reduce the chances of complications post-treatment. Revolax is known for using the highest purity of hyaluronic acid through the bio-fermentative origin. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body that has an incredible ability to attract and preserve moisture in skin tissue. Revolax uses hyaluronic acid to treat skin deficiencies and give younger-looking skin.

Revolax is available in various ranges that are suitable to target different areas for the best results.

Product range

The viscosities include:

  • REVOLAX Fine: It is the formula with the lowest viscosity and can be used to treat wrinkles and fine lines.
  • REVOLAX Deep: It is a thicker and longer-lasting formula that is used to treat persistent wrinkles and laugh lines. It is an all-rounder option that can also be used to add volume to the lips and give them a plumper look.
  • REVOLAX SUB-Q: It is a formula with the highest complex viscosity and is the thickest of all other formulas. It is a widely used product to treat severe wrinkles and facial augmentations around the nose, chin, and jawline areas.

Revolax products can be used to increase the volume of the skin and smooth areas to give a natural and younger look. All three products are, non-animal based, biodegradable, and of the highest quality. The hyaluronic acid used in the products is very concentrated and filtered to be of the highest purity without any BDDE residue.

The products have added Lidocaine, which offers a painless treatment and minimal discomfort for the patient. The treatment is not permanent and its effects may last anywhere between nine to twelve months. The long-lasting results may vary according to the skin types and areas injected. Post-treatment some people may see some side effects such as swelling, bruising, redness, tenderness, and numbness. These effects will subside within eight days and do not pose any serious threats.

Revolax is preferred by practitioners because it is easy to inject and has a low downtime. Each product from the Revolax range is unique in targeting skin concerns and can be paired with other products to achieve the desired results. The treatment plan can be customized according to the intended results and the areas to be treated. Revolax has unique properties that make it stand out and allows the product to breakdown evenly to provide a natural finish on the skin.

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