Snap On Smile

If you are looking for an alternative dental appliance that does not include drilling or injection, then you should consult your dentist about a snap-on smile. This removable non-invasive appliance does not require any tooth alteration. The modalities for this multipurpose device include the following:

  • Cosmetic smile enhancement
  • Cosmetic partial denture
  • Implant temporary restoration
  • Raising vertical dimension

The patented design originated from years of research and development in addition to state-of-the-earth manufacturing. They customize each unit and thoroughly check it for esthetics. Snap-on smile accounts for embrasures, facial and lingual anatomy, and tooth shape and size during fabrication. A technician follows the dentist’s instruction to custom-design each Snap-On smile during the wax-up phase. A Snap-on smile can easily expand over the tooth/tooth and fit tightly thanks to the flexible acetyl resin material used during fabrication. With a Snap-On smile, you perfectly cover your dental flaws and comfortably talk and eat without this multipurpose appliance shifting or becoming loose. Its retention is entirely tooth-borne, making it easy for the doctor to observe the patient’s palate and gum tissues. The entire procedure is non-invasive, making it less discomforting and reversible.

Who is Snap-On Smile Made For?

Snap-On Smile is a customizable appliance designed for people of different ages. This cosmetic dental implant solution provides unique benefits to people with:

  • Stained tooth/teeth
  • Fully healed gaps or missing tooth/teeth
  • Crooked teeth(slightly)
  • Aged patients with medical conditions that prevent them from invasive dental implants
  • Patients seeking awaiting dental implant surgery and hoping to use Snap-On Smile as a temporary retainer
  • People with removable denture seeking modern and comfortable alternative

Many patients looking for a non-invasive restorative, cosmetic dentistry can consider getting the Snap-On Smile device. It provides a great option if one cannot find permanent dental implant solutions and crowns, mainly because they are medically compromised.

However, patients with the conditions requiring professional dental implants should seek professional orthodontic treatment and dental restoration. Anyone with the following condition does not qualify for an immediate Snap-On Smile:

  • Gum disease
  • Misaligned jaw
  • Broken/chipped tooth/teeth
  • Cavities

Design Material

While designing Snap-On Smile, the designers choose crystallized acetyl resin for its stain resistance and durability. With crystallized acetyl resin, they can make 0.5mm thick appliances without compromising its functions, heat, and stain resistance.

Obtaining Snap-On Smile

Unlike most dental implant procedures, you will only need at least two dental office visits to obtain your Snap-On Smile.

The process takes just three simple, painless steps:

  1. Find a dentist that can take impressions and photos of your tooth/teeth and send them for customization at the Snap-On Smile lab
  2. The technician customizes Snap-On Smile veneer and sends them to your dentist. You get a wide array of smile shapes and shades you can choose
  3. In 2 weeks, you receive your appliance, and with/ without the help of your dentist, you fit your Snap-On Smile veneer. Although patients remain free to drink and eat, it is recommended that they start with softer foods as they progress to harder diets.

You can obtain a temporary or long-term Snap-On Smile solution for the upper or lower jaw with the above simple procedures. Users can comfortably eat or drink without worrying about stains. Besides, cleaning the device is very simple.

The company provides a proprietary cleaning solution you can follow with ease. The Snap-On Smile cleaning powder removes all stains and leaves your appliance clean. Snap-On Smile kit comes with care and cleaning appliances such as:

  • Cleaning powder to remove most superficial stains- To use it, you need to add a cupful of the powder and soak the device for at least 15 minutes in a half cup of cool water. You then remove your Snap-On smile appliance from the water and rinse it with clean running water. Use a soft brush to remove any remaining residue gently.
  • Antibacterial gel to freshen breath and prevent tooth decay- always remember to apply the easy-to-apply gel into the tooth compartments before using your Snap-On Smile appliance.
  • Carry/storage case to prevent ware-out during transport- the case comprises a compact built-in mirror for ensuring that your device does not wear during transport and storage.

Snap-On Smile Options

There exist different shades and shapes patients and dentists can choose from depending on their needs. They have a wide array of choices besides custom-fitted appliances. For those looking to find appliances for both upper and lower jaws, the good news is that they can be worn simultaneously.

Does Snap-On Device Affect Speech?

Yes, speech can be affected mainly immediately the device is worn. Fortunately, the Snap-on Smile device kit comes with customized verbal exercises to enhance your speech acclimation process.

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