PDO Thread Lift

A PDO thread lift is a fairly new treatment that mechanically results in an instantaneous lifting of the skin. It also contracts fat tissue so the end result will be that the skin tightens. It will also promote the production of collagen as well as neovascularization which renews your skin. When all of this happens you will see enhanced skin texture, fewer wrinkles and fine lines and you will see more elastic skin.

Prior to getting a PDO thread lift a topical agent that will numb the area is applied to the treatment site along with a local anesthetic. Once the local anesthetic has taken effect for you, the PDO thread lift will begin. Using blunt tip needles, the PDO threads are inserted into the right layer of skin which acts as an anchor as the skin is lifted upwards. Any of the excess threads that are there will be cut off.

When it comes to PDO threads, there are several that can be used, they all serve their own unique purpose. Your PDO provider will determine which thread/threads that needs to be used depending on the aesthetic goal you are looking to reach. Here are the different types of threads that are options for your PDO thread lift:

  • Bi-directional
  • Bilateral
  • Cutting barbs
  • Molding barbs
  • Spiral
  • Uni-directional
  • Unilateral
  • Z-type

Most people that have the PDO thread lift are satisfied after one treatment. it is recommended to return six to nine months later to make sure that everything is going well. If it is you can go up to three years without needing another treatment, if not longer.

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