Solea Laser

The Solea laser is a dental laser tool developed by Convergent Dental to accomplish various dental procedures with ease. The laser tool enables anesthesia-free and pain-free dental procedures that have previously relied upon traditional invasive tools such as dental drills.

The tool is a co2, all-tissue, computer-guided laser tool that ensures precision cutting on hard and soft tissues, including enamel, gingiva, and dentin. It emits a 9.3 µm wavelength that enables precision cutting, which reduces pain. The tool includes several features to help treat various conditions, such as the Ultraglide Handpiece for periodontal treatment.

Dentists can also use the laser for the ablation of hard tissue, removal of cavities, and preparation of the cavity site. It is also ideal for coagulation, vaporization, and excision of soft tissue in the oral cavity.

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