When it comes to fighting signs of aging and treating wrinkles, Juvederm is a widely popular name in the facial aesthetics industry. Juvederm is a non-invasive hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler, used to treat the facial signs of aging like wrinkles, loose skin, fine lines, and others.

Juvederm is a family of injectable hyaluronic acid fillers from the makers of Botox – Allergan. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in our body that can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water and has an incredible ability to attract and preserve moisture in skin tissue. Juvederm uses hyaluronic acid to effectively treat the signs of aging. Juvederm was approved by FDA in 2006 and its various bonding properties, longevity, concentration, and purpose are customized to target certain skin issues. Every treatment can be performed individually or in combination with other Juvederm products.

Every Juvederm product features various bonding and concentrations of hyaluronic acid used to treat different signs. The products are customized to aim and treat specific problems when injected in different facial areas and depths. Juvederm has a smooth, gel-like consistency that is

used to effectively repair lost volume, smoothen lines, and wrinkles, enhance facial contours, augment lips, soften creases, and reduce the indentations caused by acne scars.


Juvederm is of the following types:

  • Juvederm Voluma XC: It is used to add volume beneath the skin surface to give a plumper look to the cheeks and increase their size.
  • Juvederm XC and Juvederm Vollure XC: It is used to treat the loss of skin elasticity and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth and nose area.
  • Juvederm Ultra XC and Juvederm Volbella XC: It works as nonsurgical lip augmentation and enhancement treatment.

Juvéderm’s website mentions that the procedure may vary from fifteen minutes to sixty minutes, depending on the number of injections required and the area to be treated. During the procedure, most patients feel a little prickly sensation when the product is injected. The physician uses a pen

to mark the treatment areas. The doctor then injects Juvederm into the target areas slowly while lightly massaging the area for an even distribution of the product. Massaging the area also reduces the chances of swelling. This procedure is not supposed to be painful and causes minimal discomfort to the patient.

The reason why Juvederm is preferred by most people is because of its immediate results. The long-lasting results may vary according to the skin types and areas injected. Typically this treatment lasts anywhere between one to two years. According to a study, adults who used Juvederm had a higher satisfaction rate than those who used other products. A 65.6 percent satisfaction rate was observed in those who injected the product around their face, and a 71 percent satisfaction rate was observed for the eye area. Another study concluded that satisfactory results of Juvéderm lip treatments lasted for up to one year.

Some people may see some common post-treatment side effects. These include redness, swelling, bruising, tenderness, minor aches, and itching. In most cases, these effects subside within a week or two.

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