New Or Unexplained Pain

Sudden discomfort or unexplained tooth pain can be caused by different factors. The following are some common causes of new or unexplained dental pain.

Gum recession

If your gum starts to recede, it leaves the roots of your teeth exposed. This may cause increased sensitivity and pain.

Erosion of enamel

The enamel is the protective cover on the tooth. Enamel may be eroded when you eat highly acidic food regularly or brush your teeth too hard. When enamel wears off, it exposes the dentin, which causes sensitivity and pain.


Tooth decay is a condition where plaque eats the outer coating of the teeth. If the condition is not quickly treated, it can expose the nerve endings on your teeth and cause pain.

Tooth procedures

Tooth fillings and drilling may make the nerve endings of your tooth sensitive. This sensitivity can last for about two weeks.

Teeth bleaching

Bleaching gels, strips, and any other abrasive teeth whitening products may increase teeth sensitivity. This typically subdues when you stop using these products.

Cracked crown

If you have experienced trauma to your tooth, you may feel pain as nerve endings are disturbed.

For any sudden or unexplained dental pain, consider seeing a dentist as soon as possible. If the tooth pain is accompanied by migraine and fever, treat the condition as an emergency.

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