Oral bacteria linked to dementia

Oral bacteria and dementia

Recent research shows a strong correlation between oral bacteria and dementia. Find out what this means and how individuals can reduce the risk of dementia.

How to make your teeth whiter

How to make your teeth whiter

Everybody wants gleaming, white teeth. Learn how to make your teeth whiter, including options for whitening your teeth at home and even overnight.

How does fluoride strengthen teeth?

How does fluoride strengthen teeth

Everybody has heard that fluoride is necessary for healthy teeth, but how does fluoride actually help prevent cavities and strengthen teeth?

9 FAQs about dental braces

Dentl braces

Wondering if dental braces are right for you or your child? Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about braces.

Can mouth bacteria cause cancer?

Can mouth bacteria cause cancer

Bacteria in the mouth are associated with certain types of cancer. Numerous studies show that oral bacteria can increase the risk of cancer in several ways.

Why do dentists shake your cheek?

Why do dentists shake your cheek?

Find out why your dentist shakes your cheek (the Cheek Shake Technique), if it’s an effective practice, and if there’s a better method for pain-free injections.