Toothache can result from numerous causes, and pain can range from mild to extreme. The following are some of the most common causes of toothache.

  • Tooth decay: When acid and bacterial attack your tooth enamel, nerve endings become exposed, leading to pain
  • Sinus infection: If there is some drainage from a sinus infection, it may cause pain that feels like a toothache
  • Jaw and mouth injury from a blunt force trauma to the head or face
  • Losing a filling: If a filling is leaking, the nerve inside the tooth is exposed and can cause pain
  • Infected or abscessed tooth: Where a pocket of pus forms inside a tooth, you may feel pain in the inflamed region
  • Food debris between the teeth that may cause pressure and pain
  • Erupting wisdom teeth in adults
  • Gum disease such as periodontitis or gingivitis
  • TMJ disorders or other problems with the jaw

You should see a dentist if tooth pain lasts for more than a few hours or there are signs of infection or damage. Seek immediate medical attention if the toothache is accompanied with a headache, fever, or pain if you try to open your mouth.

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