Teeth Xpress

TeethXpress dental implant provides a long-term alternative for replacing falling and missing tooth/teeth. This modern dental implant procedure serves best for individuals that want replacement that require minimal maintenance since the implants often function as natural roots.

Why choose teethXpress Implants?

TeethXpress dental implants are often custom-made titanium rods surgically placed in the jawbone to support a dental crown. Unlike dentures, teethXpress implants give on a natural look and function like natural tooth/teeth. TeethXpress implant includes between four and six dental titanium devices inserted in the jaw bone. Unlike a traditional dental implant that requires ten devices, TeethXpress is cheaper due to top fewer devices when compared to traditional dental implants.

The titanium implants used in teethXpress blend well with the procedure mainly because they bond with the jawbone. This type of bonding is commonly known as osseointegration, making teethXpress implants a superior solution to failing teeth.
You can now get the smile you desire with the teethXpress implants. Your dentist should check your bone density and recommend the appropriate procedure to restore your lost smile. The dentist may use a standard all-on -4 technique that encompasses implant four titanium for an individual with low jawbone density.

Who is eligible for TeethXpress?

The procedure is recommended to patients with a high jawbone density that will allow sufficient osseointegration to produce a stable implant. Many people worldwide are missing teeth due to accidents or dental diseases. Therefore, the numbers that seek alternative solutions such as dentures are also so very high. However, frustrations such as poor fitting and slipping denture people are looking for a more permanent solution. That said, patient with the following challenges will benefit more from teethXpress dental implants:

  • Chewing difficulties
  • Slurred speech
  • Whistling/ smacking
  • Mouth and gum irritation
  • Mouth infections
  • Discomfort caused by poor-fitting dentures
  • Slipping denture

Therefore, if you are missing tooth/teeth or your current dental implant solution is causing the above challenges, then teethXpress solution is right for you. However, before choosing the solution, you first consult with your dentist because each patient exhibits unique challenges, requiring a customized treatment plan. A trained dentist should be able to recommend the right teethXpress procedure for you.

TeethXpress Dental Implant Procedure

You first visit a qualified dentist who takes x-ray pictures of the jaw bone to determine its density and create a personalized treatment plan. A patient then schedules a teethXpress procedure if eligible for the surgery.

The dentist then implants four to six titanium pieces into the patient’s jawbone. The titanium pieces have an abutment post for securing the denture. TeethXpress is a less complicated procedure that often occurs within one day. However, the dentist can plan to have your denture customized prior to your visit or use the existing denture for the procedure to take place in the day. Dentists often use local anesthesia now that discomfort remains minor or temporary during teethXpress.
Nonetheless, the dentist can prescribe pain relievers if needed. Stick to a light diet to hasten the initial healing process. TeethXpress remains a unique procedure because it allows dentists to replace a whole set of missing teeth using the strength of an implant drilled in the jawbone. Although tooth/ teeth replacement remains temporary, the teethXpress implants are permanent in the patient’s mouth.

Post Treatment care for TeethXpress

You will be required to use medicated mouthwash in the initial period. You can later shift to a water pick once your mouth has healed. For this implant option, it is essential to schedule regular dental visits with a teethXpress dentist who can help you in maintaining hygiene.

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