Sure Smile Teeth Whitening

After a consultation with a dentist and a comprehensive dental examination, the dentist may suggest that the patient is a candidate for Sure Smile Teeth Whitening. The process is initiated with the patients receiving a color matrix. This matrix is used to perform a color match. The color of the patient’s teeth are measured and compared against a color matrix to determine the actual color of the patient’s teeth. The purpose of this step is for comparison to the final result to determine how many shades lighter the teeth of the patient are after treatment. 

Once a color match is achieved, the patient is given a toothbrush by the dental assistant or the dentist. The patient proceeds to brush over their teeth gently, to remove any unwanted plaque from the teeth before placing a retainer inside the mouth. The dental assistant may advise the patient to apply an agent which may alleviate any discomfort experienced by a retainer that will be placed inside the mouth. A vitamin E-liquid is applied to the gums before applying the first layer of teeth whitening gel. 

Once this step is completed, a UV lamp is placed over the teeth for a duration of 15 minutes as the gel takes effect, removing any stains or discoloration from the teeth. During this time, the patient is free to relax by listening to music or watching TV. The retainer and gel remain on the patients’ teeth for a period of 15 minutes. When this period has expired a second layer of the gel is applied over the initial layer of gel. The UV light is, once again applied. 

The second round of teeth whitening lasts for a period of 30 minutes. When the 30 minute period has lapsed as well, any extra gel is removed from the patient’s teeth. The retainer is then also removed and any additional gel still remaining is the pat off. The patient is free to rinse in order to remove any final gel particles that may have remained inside the mouth. The patient may experience sensitivity for up to 36 hours after the initial treatment. The dentist may suggest fluoride toothpaste to alleviate any discomfort after treatment and ensure that the results last.

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