With the increasing trend of dermal fillers, more products are coming into the market to fulfill the ever-rising demands of the public for these products. Dermalax is one such soft tissue filler product that offers good quality results at affordable prices. Dermalax is a supreme and monophasic hyaluronic acid filler that helps maintain hydrated and smooth skin.

Since hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that is lost with age, Dermalax helps maintain the skin texture by injecting the necessary amount of hyaluronic acid. The main treatment areas of the Dermalax procedure are reducing wrinkles and fine lines, reducing nasolabial folds, and shaping facial contours by defining facial features. The viscoelasticity and excellent flowability of Dermalax fillers make them one of the most versatile fillers on the market. These fillers are a prime choice for injecting into the soft tissues of the face. The most common areas where these fillers are injected include the forehead, lips, around the mouth, eye areas, glabellar lines, and ears.

Dermalax is a non-permanent filler that is effective in treating the signs of aging and gives the skin a hydrated, healthy, firm, and youthful glow. The monophasic structure of Dermalax ensures that all particles injected into the skin are of the same shape and size. The dense character of filler ensures that the product stays where it is injected and does not migrate within the skin.

Dermalax treatment is highly durable and lasts anywhere between twelve to eighteen months. This non-invasive treatment is 100% biodegradable and clinically tested. With a 3% lidocaine composition in the formula, the treatment is almost painless and causes minimal discomfort for the patients and the practitioners.

Types of Dermalax products

There are various Dermalax products designed to target specific body areas:

  • Dermalax Plus: This product is designed to reduce shallow lines and wrinkles formed around the mouth, eyes, and forehead. It is suitable to restore the youthfulness and radiance of the skin.
  • Dermalax Deep Plus: This product has a more dense structure that is designed to target the entrenched folds and smooth them out. This treatment can also be used to make lips look instantly plumper. The effects from this product typically last for a year.
  • Dermalax Implant Plus: This is one of the top-ranked products in the market. This product is suitable for adding volume to the lips, filling out cheekbones and jawlines, and correcting nose imperfections. Due to its enhanced durability, this product is preferred by patients and practitioners.

The Dermalax treatment is almost a painless procedure and may not even require anesthesia due to the presence of lidocaine that ensures a comfortable experience for the patient with minimal discomfort. The effects of the treatment may last from eight months to more than a year depending on the area treated and the skin type.

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