Bio Esthetic Dentistry

Bio esthetic dentistry is a process that encompasses a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan that will allow one to obtain a highly functional, healthy, unworn chewing system that will provide natural beauty. When you are looking at bio esthetic dentistry it diagnoses what will cause disharmony when it comes to chewing, like tooth wear. When looking at bio esthetics disharmony isn’t the only thing that will come, there are a few symptoms you can be on the lookout for when it comes to knowing if this is an issue. Headache pain, neck aches, teeth that are worn, chipped, or broken; grinding or clenching of the teeth, difficulty chewing, teeth that are sore and sensitive, jaw muscles that are tender or sore, and jaw grating, clicking and popping or even jaw joint tenderness. Bio esthetic dentistry will take a look into the root cause of these problems and will provide a stable jaw joint position which can treat the teeth and will create a smile that will be lasting and also beautiful.

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