Warren Story

Warren Story

I called on a Wensday afternoon and they got me in to see the DR. he told me I needed a root canal that day and then secluded me for the next morning @ 9 am. They told me that it would take 3 hours for me so I could figure out my time frame for my day. It only took 2 hours and I was out of there!! I only had minimal pain and only Thursday night and the only pain medicine I needed was aspirin not the pain medicine he prescribed to me. While I was in the office getting the procedure done they put a movie on for me straight above me as I was laying down and as well they gave me headphones and safety glasses to protect my eyes and ears. This is the first time in my 44 years of dental work that the dentist did not hurt when they gave me the numbing shot as he used a tool that vibrated and what he told me was that this tool blocks the neurons ( ? ) from receiving the pain of the shot and registering in my brain as pain. AWESOME PLACE! I WILL be going back for fetcher dental work!!

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