Susan Kelly

Susan Kelly

As a parent, sometimes taking your kids to the dentist can be PAINFUL in itself. Especially when your 13 year old needs 4 teeth pulled! My daughter was nervous days before our appointment and when we got there, she was crying before our dentist even asked her to open her mouth:( After 30 minutes of the two of us coaching her, sge finally allowed him to take a look. Three of the 4 teeth could be removed without anesthetia. The final tooth could not. Let’s just say she was not an easy patient that day! We decided that 3 out of 4 was ok since she jumped out of the chair and decided she was done for the day. I am extremely thankful that our dentist did not give up. He explained DentalVibe to her and she slowly got back into the chair. Somewhat skeptical, she decided to give it a shot. I kept my fingers crossed…all I could really do, since the visit was so stressful already. Soon enough, the tool was out, anesthetia complete and molar was removed. After it all, she said “no big deal”! Thank you DentalVibe! You saved us:)

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