Peter Bolds

Peter Bolds

I called your marketing dept and left a message. My experience was absolutely amazing. My mouth is very sensitive and dental shots are very uncomfortable. My dentist, Showed me the device and explained the how it minimized the pain of a shot. I felt the vibrating pressure of the device against my gums but that was all I felt. I did not feel the shot and the numbing effect was better than before even though my dentist said he uses. About half the amout of anesthetic. You have developed a amazing piece of equipment. I hope you continue developing it for use with other types of injections like B12, insulin, and shots to babies. It could ease their discomfort. I studie pain in my college Biophysics classes. My professor was big on rice cycles per second to ease pain but we could never get it to work. Your device works. Thanks. If you have any questions call me at 713 862 1147

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