Barbara Carter

Barbara Carter

I have always had a fear of all things dentist. Earlier this year I started seeing Dr. Lana Atchley in Phenix City, Alabama. I’ve had several things done – an older bridge broke, a gum problem and yesterday a filling replaced. I always ask for gas prior to any procedure, it’s what has always helped me get through it. Dr. Atchley and her team have been amazing and I feel quite comfortable in her Office. Yesterday when I went for the filling to be re-done I declined the gas. Jennifer her assistant told me about DentalVibe and I of course said yes. I am someone who waits in the chair EXPECTING something to hurt, I just wait on it. Well you know what? Thanks to DentalVibe I did not even feel the needle at all! It started my visit on a positive note that carried through the whole time. Yes there is truth in advertising because as your brochure said: “Did I even get a shot?” I know I did because I felt no pain during the process – but I sure didn’t feel the injection!

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