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A Welcome Message From, Richard Lechner, DDS
Video Transcription:

Hello. My name is Dr. Richard Lechner. I’ve been using DentalVibe for about five years now, and frankly, I could not even imagine giving an injection without it. I think in dental school, they spent 10 minutes talking about putting topical on or GatesTheory and shaking the lip. But this method is so far superior. I couldn’t imagine using topical today. I couldn’t imagine trying to shake the lip. It isn’t even in the same ballpark. This is a total game-changer. I virtually eliminated the pain that’s associated with getting a shot. And that’s important to me because A. Patients don’t feel any pain. B. They go home, they tell their family, they tell their friends, they told their coworkers that they got anesthesia and they didn’t feel the needle at all. To this day when a new patient comes in and hasn’t had the experience with the DentalVibe before of get the vibration and then the injection and when I’m finished, they actually say to me, wow, is this a new device that gets you numb? And I have to explain to them that they also got a needle. It’s just that they did not feel it.

The DentalVibe is very easy to use. You just snap a new tip on there, place it next to the injection site, wait five or 10 seconds. Put the needle in very close to one of the prongs, about three millimeters away, deliver the anesthesia over a minute or so remove the needle and keep the vibration device there for another five or 10 seconds. After the needle has been removed, then remove the DentalVibe. And I guarantee you, if it’s a new patient, they’re going to ask you, is that some new device that got me numb because I didn’t feel any needle and you’ll have to explain to them that you also used a needle. That is how effective it really is. Tips are really easy to order. I text DentalVibe once a month and tell them how many bags I need. They arrive at my door two days later, and I usually order three or four bags. And when, when I get low, I just send a text that takes me 20 seconds. No brainer. Each tip comes individually wrapped. So when the patient’s in the chair, unwrapped the plastic, put it on the DentalVibe and go to work.

So Alexa is here today for a couple of veneers, one on seven and one on 10. So I’m going to begin by using the DentalVibe and getting Alexa numb on number seven. I keep my DentalVibe right in the base charger there, grab a tip, line up the arrows.

You’re going to feel a little vibration through your lip there. And that’s all you’re going to feel. I place it near the injection site and let it vibrate for five or 10 seconds. And then put the needle in next to one of the vibrating prongs.

Deliver the anesthesia. Take the needle away, let it vibrate for another five or 10 seconds, and then take the DentalVibe away. Great. How’d you manage that? Basically, we overloaded your circuits with the vibration feeling and there was no more room on that circuit for the extra sensation of the needle. So another advantage of the DentalVibe is there’s no waiting one or two minutes with topical in place because the minute this is vibrating, the Gates’ theory is taking over and you can slide the needle in there without the patient feeling a thing. Simple as that.


So we’re going to place the vibration and tilt your head towards me a little bit. Perfect right there. Good, good, good.

Placing the anesthesia,

Move this and continue vibrating for five or 10 seconds and then take it away. So how do you manage that? If you’re not using the DentalVibe, you really have to ask yourself why not? Because it virtually eliminates the pain of injection and it’s a practice builder. How can you go wrong?

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