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590 Farrington Highway Suite 155 Kapolei, Hawaii 96707
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Speciality: Pediatric (kid) Dentistry and Orthodontics

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Hi, my name is Fred Chen. I’m a pediatric dentist here in Oahu, Hawaii. I like using the DentalVibe because it’s a product that makes my life as a pediatric dentist, more simple, and also makes it a better experience for the patients. Uh, when I was in residency, we were always taught that distraction is one of the most important things when treating a patient, especially a child. So when we’re giving an injection, the DentalVibe has a little bit of a vibration. And what that does is it kind of makes the kids not think and not be able to feel the injection as a pediatric dentist, we do lots of injections and the DentalVibe makes that part of the procedure much more simple and much more straightforward. Um, rather than having the patients be nervous about the anesthetic and about getting a shot, you know, they feel a little vibration. They can focus on watching a movie and that part of the procedure is much more straightforward and easy for them. After giving an injection with the DentalVibe, most of the patients don’t even realize that they’ve received one. So most of the parents say, that’s it? It was it. You already did the injection and the kids, same thing.

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