DentalVibe helps relieve patient anxiety about painful injections

Most dental patients admit that what they like least about dental appointments are painful injections. Sometimes, patients completely neglect going to the dentist for the sake of avoiding severe pain and discomfort during major dental procedures. However, new dental gadgets that eliminate pain from injections using vibration technology, such as DentalVibe by Bing Innovations LLC, are growing more popular among practices and patients.

A study published in Australian Dental Journal found that the effects of vibration on pain during local anesthetic injections can significantly help decrease pain. This is made possible thanks to the gate control theory of pain management, which means pain can be greatly reduced by activating and stimulating nerve fibers through vibration. Dentists who use DentalVibe cordless injection system can take advantage of this technology to put patients at ease, and to help them relax during treatment.

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