DentalVibe helps block pain from Lidocaine and numbing agents

Lidocaine is a popular numbing agent used by most dentists to numb regions of the mouth prior to major dental procedures such as root canals, cavity fillings, rooting and planing, and more. While Lidocaine is effective at preventing patients from experiencing severe pain during treatment, many patients admit that the Lidocaine shot itself is usually painful enough to prevent them from seeking treatment in the first place.

Enter DentalVibe: a new, state-of-the-art dental tool that helps dentists deliver pain-free Lidocaine shots to patients. With a design that resembles an electric toothbrush, the DentalVibe delivers a gentle, pulsating vibration to the injection site to prevent patients from feeling pain before, during, and after injections. Patients often admit they don’t feel injections at all, and that the DentalVibe helps them overcome fear associated with visiting the dentist.

Learn more about how DentalVibe helps patients overcome pain fromLidocaine injections at SunSentinel News.

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