DentalVibe effective at calming dental-phobic patients

Dentistry IQ

Approximately 50% of the American population avoids going to the dentist for fear of experiencing pain and discomfort, according to research conducted by Columbia Dental School and the University of Washington. Despite new, positive changes made to dental technology over the last several years, patients are still hesitant to visit their dentists due to having painful experiences in the past.

To combat patient fear, dentists now practice several techniques that can help calm patients and reduce anxiety during appointments, such as pretreatment conditioning, distraction through music, and use of the DentalVibe. The DentalVibe is a patented, award-winning tool that uses VibraPulse technology to block pain signals from the brain, resulting in less pain from injections. Patients who typically avoid dentists for fear of pain can now choose dentists who use the DentalVibe, and eliminate pain prior to procedures.

Check out this article at DentistryIQ to learn more about how DentalVibe can conquer fear in dental patients.

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