DentalVibe creators offer helpful suggestions on technique

Dentists who want to prevent patients from experiencing pain caused by needle injections can use DentalVibe — a vibrating tool that helps override pain signals sent to the brain during injections. Proven effective at helping patients feel calm, relaxed, and less anxious during dental visits, DentalVibe is held near injection sites for five seconds before, during, and after injections to eliminate pain.

Bing Innovations LLC, the creator of DentalVibe, suggest that dentists turn to YouTube for suggestions and ideas for using the vibrating tool on patients. Generally, dentists and clinicians place the tool on the gum or area adjacent to the injection site using their mirror hand, while using their free hand to inject a numbing agent. DentalVibe features an LED light to help improve visibility, and requires charging at the end of every day. Dentists who’ve used DentalVibe say the tool works best on procedures such as maxillary and mandibular buccal infiltrations, and palatal injections.

Get more tips and tricks about how to effectively use DentalVibe from this article at Dental Economics.

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