TCS Dentures

TCS dentures are a new technology in dental health. These dentures are flexible and can be used as partial or full dentures. They are more comfortable and invisible to others in the mouth. You can use TCS dentures to cover some parts of your teeth that are missing. They come in different shades, so you can select one that fits in well with your skin tone.

Some of the three main TCS resins that you can use include:

Unbreakable by TCS

Unbreakable is a high-performance, resilient thermoplastic resin. It is made with highly-durable material which has unbeatable strength. The nylon thermoplastic material is lightweight and easy to remove.

It has aesthetic properties which allow it to blend naturally with the surrounding tissue and gums. The dentures are stain-resistant and biocompatible. They have a degree of flexibility that depends on the thickness of the denture.

Unbreakable has an exceptional memory, which allows it to hold its form, and it is repairable and rebasable.

Who it is for

Patients with partially missing teeth and those with concerns over metal restorations are a perfect fit for these dentures. It is also suitable for patients with monomer and/or nickel allergies or those with the presence of tori. Patients with gingival veneers can also use Unbreakable to hide exposed root surfaces.


Follow these simple daily cleaning recommendations to keep them feeling and looking like new:

  • Keep brushing your natural teeth and gums.
  • Rinse the resin under warm running water for 30 seconds to remove food particles
  • Brush the resin with a soft-bristle brush with water only then rinse again
  • Use one packet of TCS Concentrated Dental Appliance Cleaner and one cup of lukewarm water to create a cleansing solution.
  • Place the resin in the cleansing solution for at least 15 minutes every day and rinse it thoroughly before wearing it. Keep the appliance in the cleansing solution or water when not wearing it.
  • Do not use bleach, cleaning products, or toothpaste on the appliance as it may scratch or discolor the surface and cause micro-tears where bacteria can hide.

iFlex by TCS

iFlex is a translucent polyolefin thermoplastic that offers the ideal degree of flexibility, is simple to finish and polish, and has a resistance to stains. It is also easy to maintain, lightweight and durable. It is also a partial denture that can be used to cover missing teeth.

iFlex is also unbreakable, can blend naturally with your gums and surrounding tissues, offers easy chairside adjustments, and is repairable and rebasable.

Who is it for

iFlex can be used by people with the same conditions as Unbreakable above. Dentists should not be limited to such people only as TCS resins can be fabricated to fit difficult cases too.

When using metal with iFlex, there is a need for a more rigid appliance because of poor tissue support or missing too many teeth. Dentists can also use cast rest seats if the patient’s tissue is too soft.

Care and maintenance

The care for iFlex resin is the same as that used for unbreakable. The most important thing to remember is that you should not use bleach, toothpaste, or other cleaning products apart from the TCS cleaning solution to avoid causing micro-tears.


Karadent is the last of the TCS resins. It is an inflexible microcrystalline polymer thermoplastic. It offers the simplicity and stability of acrylic or metal partials but still keeps its aesthetics, making it the ideal upgrade from acrylic dentures.

Karadent is ideal for nightguards, semi-flexible partial dentures, framework, clear clasps, or full dentures. It is a modern, light, and durable denture.

Its aesthetic properties allow it to blend with a patient’s tissue and gums and have a complete finish. It has minimal water absorption and no volume shrinkage, which results in an exceptional fit with little bubble formation. Karadent is also easy to rebase, repair, and reline with acrylic and make fast and easy chairside adjustments.

Who it’s for

>Karadent is ideal for patients who need full or partial dentures with missing teeth. It is also suitable for patients with metal restoration concerns or monomer and/or nickel allergies. It is also suitable for use by those who are healing from dental implants. It also suits those with few remaining teeth or poor tissue support.


The care for Karadent implants is the same as that for the other TCS implants.

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