KOR Whitening

KOR Teeth whitening is a bleaching system. It is a peroxide-based whitening gel. This system involves teeth whitening gels that are refrigerated. These gels improve the ability of patients teeth to absorb oxygen. This process of increased absorption of oxygen will dissolve the molecules that cause stains on and deep inside the teeth. The in-office treatment may take about two hours to complete. The product has been deemed entirely safe as it has been tested. 

One benefit of the gels used in KOR teeth whitening is that they contain desensitizing agents. This alleviates any issues related to the sensitivity that the patient may experience when using this product. 

Due to the process involved in reaching the stain and eliminating it, results from this product are considered to be permanent though regular maintenance is still required. In order to achieve this, a dentist may give the patient at-home products to maintain the results.

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