Kois Trained Dentist

A Kois-trained dentist is skilled in up-to-date dental methods and procedures based on new scientific evidence. The Kois Center is an advanced graduate program for practicing dentists. The curriculum is based on its own independent research, with courses updated every year. The curriculum is taught almost exclusively by founder Dr. John C. Kois.

Rather than continuing to use the same methods that have been in place for years, Kois-trained dentists strive to employ new evidence-based techniques and technology to provide the best dental care to their patients. This allows the dentist to offer the best materials and most effective treatments for their patients each time.

Why choose a Kois-trained dentist

Dentists who are Kois trained are part of a community of other dentists who are committed to providing care at the forefront of solid, scientific evidence. Their goal is to improve the lives of patients by providing the latest advances in esthetics, implants, and restorative dentistry.

Kois dentists understand the value of providing more comprehensive care for their patients. Dental health impacts quality of life and overall health in many ways, and Kois-trained dentists are committed to offering dental care that supports their patients’ overall physical well-being.

How did Kois training start?

The Kois Center was founded by John C. Kois DMD, MDS, with the mission of establishing a rigorous program of continuing education. At the Kois Center, dental procedures and practices are questioned, analyzed, tested, and refined, with the goal of enabling dentists to expand their knowledge and application skills in restorative dentistry.

The curriculum is nine courses long. Graduates leave with a superior education that they can incorporate into their dental practices. Graduates can also return for the annual symposium, which includes a review of the prior year’s published dental science and speakers who are pioneers in their field.

Using the Kois System

The Kois system is designed to analyze dental patients based on their risk in four important categories: periodontal, function or bite, structure, and aesthetics. Kois-trained dentists learn how to transfer these diagnostic parameters into treatment plans that will minimize risk for patients and maximize their long-term success.

When you choose a Kois-trained dentist, you know your dental health is in skilled and capable hands. They will utilize the latest research to deliver the highest level of comprehensive care.


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