Glo Teeth Whitening

GLO is an at-home teeth whitening system that has revolutionized the industry by providing patients with professional-level whitening at home. This product is available from a dentist. The product combines GLO warming gel and an LED light to speed up the process of at-home teeth whitening. 

This system only requires 32 minutes for five days in a row to achieve the same level of results you might expect from a professional in-office treatment. The cost of this product may be higher than over the counter products that perform the same function but slightly less than a professional in-office treatment. The difference is the result. The cost of the treatment includes a mouthpiece, a charger, a storage case, a travel case, GLO control and lanyard, and 10 whitening GLO vitals. 

The process is as follows: firstly the GLO control will need to be charged, place the lanyard and control over the patient’s neck and then attach the mouthpiece. The package includes a lip care kit that needs to be applied to the top and bottom lips. This step protects the lips from the LED light. The next step is to spread the gel over the teeth. Squeeze the G-vail and spread a thin layer over both the top and bottom layer of the patient’s teeth. 

Once these steps have been completed the teeth whitening process may begin. Place the mouthpiece inside the patient’s mouth and wait for the light to turn blue. An automatic reminder will let the patient know to re-apply the gel every eight minutes.

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