Bleach Bright

Bleach Bright bleaching system incorporates a bleaching agent and light to fast track results. The pre-filled LED whitening tray comes already loaded with gel. The product is placed in a foil pack which the customer rips open and places the one-size-fits-all mouthpiece inside their mouth. 

The LED light is positioned about one inch away from the mouth. The blue LED light shines onto the tray and thereby activates the carbamide peroxide. The light from the LED light opens the pores on the patient’s teeth and allows the gel to perform its function. The product is expected to lighten the teeth of the patient by two to eight shades. 

The products are very safe to use. Should the patient’s teeth be in a normal condition with no health conditions then no side effects are expected. Optimum results are achieved when this procedure is followed for a period of seven to ten days. 

For further optimal results, patients should proceed with this process once a day in the morning and refrain from eating food for a period of 30 minutes after treatment. It is recommended that patients avoid any soda, teas, coffee, berries, red wine or sauces for up to 24 hours after treatment.

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